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Kesava Moorthy


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  • Chef house Tirupur - ordered food from chef house couple of days back,. Actually biriyani was subtle and good, nothing to complaint, but not the best I had. I prefer my biriyani rice little over cooked and with little extra biriyani masala to its regular rice proportion. But it's a good one, will go good with dalsa. Next kola, as usual kola I tot home cooked kolas wil be different, but it's as usual good. My 2 yr old loved your kola, my wife had no issues in feeding him, he's a food-hate kid but he ate your kola without pushing. Means he liked it, will get kolas more next time. Plus we have no hesitation to give him the kola more as it is home cooked, normally we limit his hotel food intake but not this one. Mestri chicken was at its top notch, that was the hero of the dinner. I could imagine how grt it'll be if cooked with coconut oil. I've had mestiri in few places but this one is the best. As myself and my wife are dragons in eating spicy foods, it was exceptionally excellent Taj pepper chicken was good, I tot it's a different version of pepper chicken but it tasted like a regular home made pepper chicken, I guess you have avoided or used very limited soya sauce, good that way. Was little bone-y, not fleshy like mestri. I tasted the compliment green chicken 65 after my meal, I tot it was raitha before opening, after having spicy Taj pep and mestiri green 65 tasted plain for the first piece, next piece I got used to the taste, it's a soft and safe dish, idel for kids or whoever carve for fried chicken but without artificial colours. Or may be if I have had those foods when they're little warm it'll be even more tasty, (mestiri is exceptional though, it'll knock no matter whenever or whatsoever). Phirini was grt not to excessively sweet. A must order thing after spicy food. Next time while ordering bulk quantity like 1kgbor above, I guess I will have the option of customising my biriyani, little extra biriyani masala little overcooked sticky feel to the rice. This means your biriyani was good for anybody, but for my personal liking I prefer this. Raitha also good, it was real thick curd and not the water from curd, so it was grt. And kolambu for biriyani also thin and light, matched perfect for the biriyani. Chicken pieces in kolambu was also felt like compliment, cuz ppl don't usually get chicken pieces in kolambu, pieces in them was well cooked and tasted like home. Packing is good no spills,. I shared the same review with them in their what's app, and they wer happy to call me and thank me for the review and stuffs, didn't expect that warm gesture. Expecting a long relationship with them, I'm going to count on them for bulk orders soon..
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