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Homemade Food

Get Home Made meal for your employees at affordable price. 

68% of employees says that free lunch in office makes them feel more “valued and appreciated”. What could be a better way to treat your employees with healthy, nutritious & well-balanced meal. We at Atithi Khana ensure that your employees stay healthy & happy with our food and hence offer a wide range of cuisine that you can choose from.

Why should you taste try eat with us


Home Made food with authentic taste and daily consumable


Weekly Changing Menu which includes Kongunad and Chettinad


Competitive and affordable pricing


Quick & Prompt Delivery with Hassel Free Packing

Did you know that Homemade Food is much healthier than food prepared in the highly mechanized and impersonal manner of industrialized food production?

Homemade food also tastes better and can be much more nutritious. Homemade Food for Corporate companies, Offices, and Banks has a number of benefits over its industrially produced counterparts. Homemade Food will give an impression about your taste and generosity to your clients. Homemade food is prepared on-site with fresh ingredients (and not transported across large distances). Homemade food does not contain additives or preservatives that are often found in commercially available foods. This homemade food is low in salt, which makes it ideal for people suffering from heart conditions or high blood pressure. Homemade food gives good health to employees as employees working for a long time need food rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Homemade Food for Corporate Companies is the best option as they will not have to worry about buying lunch from outside vendors or restaurants every day.

Hospitals, Clinics & Parlours Offices can prepare their own homemade food

– Homemade food is economical

– Homemade foods are good for health

– Homemade food helps to save money

– Homemade food provides personal satisfaction of cooking 

– It’s fun to cook a large batch of a favorite dish and re-heat it over several days     

– Large batches of soup freeze well. Homemade soups provide an excellent nutritious and economical meal option

– Homemade food maintains quality

– Homemade food saves time

Food is one of the most important parts of our lives. It gives us energy, boosts our immune system and keeps us healthy. Homemade food has got many more advantages over the processed food that we get in the market today. Homemade food has no added preservatives or chemicals which can cause harm to your body in times to come. Homemade food is cooked with lots of care and affection, which reflects on its taste. Homemade food cannot be matched by any other bazaar food when it comes to freshness and variety provided by it.

There are many places where you find homemade foods like small restaurants & bakeries , roadside vendor shops etc but they lack hygienic conditions which can pose health risks . For this reason, people prefer to get food from home rather than outside. Homemade food is very convenient and easy to prepare and also saves your time and money. Homemade food can be delectable as well as nutritious . Homemade food has a long shelf life and works for all kinds of occasions like parties, weddings, birthdays etc.

Homemade food is green & fresh

When you buy homemade food from cloud kitchen they use clean, green vegetables which are chemical-free, additive-free. Homemade food does not have any preservatives or chemicals so you can expect it to be healthy for your body. Homemade foods are an important part of every family’s life because it benefits the child’s health in many ways. Homemade foods do not only provide your family with a lot of nutrients but also protect you and your family from several diseases. Homemade food is rich in healthy fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to prevent signs of aging and protects the body from various harmful chemicals present in processed foods . Homemade food offers all kinds of benefits be it taste or good health. Homemade food ensures that freshness and quality is maintained through out its journey starting from cooking it till it reaches to your plate

When we talk about homemade food the first thing we need to understand is Homemade food vs Homemade-like Food Homemade-like foods are those which try their level best to look like homemade food without compromising on ingredients & process used for preparing them , they can be anything like house cloud kitchen in Tirupur you get the best homemade food with all your favorite ingredients . With Chefhouse kitchen Tirupur you notvery quick and easy cooking , adding lots of cream, butter etc to it Homemade food is the food which we get in our homes made with love and care. Homemade food uses fresh ingredients like vegetables, lentils & pulses without any added preservatives or chemicals Homemade food takes time to prepare because it has no pre-prepared masala powders Homemade food is known for its rich taste Homemade-like foods are not restricted to certain ingredients they can use anything available Homemade-like foods improve their looks by using more oil/butter/cream

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